Contact lenses can be worn safely at any age and you may be surprised to know that there may be good reasons for children to get them. Extremely far or nearsighted children who must wear thick glasses may experience some visual distortion that contact lenses can eliminate. Furthermore, contact lenses can be a practical solution and improves self-esteem in children who are embarrassed by glasses and refuse to wear them.

Although very young children can wear contacts, lenses are not recommended until a child is mature enough and sufficiently coordinated to insert, remove and care for the lenses by him or herself.

Most children reach that point when they are approximately 12 years old. The most important factor, however, is a child’s motivation to wear contacts.

Children must be impressed with the fact that cleaning and sterilizing contact lenses is of the utmost importance.

Dr. Menjivar further recommends that children wear daily wear (disposable) contact lenses.

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